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Now check out the video below of a Turbocharged Jeep JK 3.6 Litre Spankin a 6.4 Litre Challenger!

Turbocharging is hands down the most efficient power adder on the planet. The turbocharger utilizes the vehicle’s wasted exhaust gas to spin. Unlike superchargers, where the engine physically spins the supercharger. Superchargers take power to make power. Turbocharging is the number 1 choice for almost all manufacturers today. You’re probably not reading this because you want to build a race Jeep right? You most likely bought a Jeep and heavily modified it with all the popular Jeep accessories from big wheels, tires, bumpers, stereo, lights etc. and now you’re driving it and… it’s terrible. It won’t get out of its own way around town and when it comes to driving on the highway you might as well stay in the right lane and get use to 60 mph. So, you need to solve this problem. We have what you are looking for. This turbo system is everything you need to safely add power to your Jeep. BIG power, REALLY BIG POWER like 150 HP! And the good news is it can be done in 1-2 days. That’s it. Your Jeep will not only be a breeze around town but it will blaze down the highway at whatever speed you choose. Here is a video that demonstrates how a turbo works.